Un’idea di bellezza a gestione familiare

We are three sisters, Mara, Laura and Teresa, but we are also part of a big family and our great family allowed us to create together a surprisingly successful project. It all started with the very same beauty we had the chance to experience during our childhood, the beauty which we got confident with while growing up. It all Started when our roots pulled us back to Puscina, our home, after different experiences and educations. We needed to rethink the family business and we got back to the land of our childhood games, among the trees were we use to play hide-and-seek, back to the flowers we always looked for and kept as treasures.

We focused on different subjects in our studies, at the beginning we’ve been rather interested in fine arts than agronomics, this may be how we got inspired to go for  wild flowers, aromatic herbs and local trees, looking for harmony and combining the elements together. Through our flowers we want to express the artistic attitude we always had in common and the knowledge we inherited from our parents. Puscina is a magic place for us three and our love for this place guided us to build a common project, to reinvent the family business while respecting biodiversity and nature’s pace.