Our mission is creating a floral experience that reflects the unique character of our customers. We work with high-quality raw materials: every flower has been grown in our garden, collected and composed by expert, creative and respectful hands.

The flower creations we make take inspiration by the nature that surrounds us. The uniqueness that each flower gives off generates an authentic and intimate setting. We will guide you along all the creative process; willingness and professionalism will make us certain of giving an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. As a small family business, we take care of limited events each year to ensure maximum attention to each of our customers.

Our strengths
Floral design

We are committed to not using polluting materials such floral foam and plastic. Whenever possible, we choose natural, biodegradable and reusable materials for our floral compositions.


The flowers used in our weddings are grown in our garden or purchased from local growers, respecting the seasons and the nature that surrounds us


You can choose from a wide selection of ceramic, glass, wood or metal vases, following differents styles and needs.

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    How did you know about the flowers of Puscina?

    How did you know about the flowers of Puscina?

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