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Our mission is creating a floral experience that reflects the unique character of our customers.
We work with high-quality raw materials: every flower has been grown in our garden, collected and composed by expert, creative and respectful hands.

The flower creations we make take inspiration by the nature that surrounds us. The . The uniqueness that each flower gives off generates an authentic and intimate setting.

We will guide you along all the creative process; willingness and professionalism will make us certain of giving an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

As a small family business, we take care of limited events each year to ensure maximum attention to each of our customers.

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Flower Experience

This experience is designed for gardening and floral design lovers looking for inspirations, new floral varieties to grow and floral design tips. Discover our garden and immerse yourself in the seasonal blooming and collect your favorite ingredients. During the experience, we will share with you simple and effective technics to care for cut flowers and create a 100% sustainable floral arrangement.

The experience includes:

  1. A lesson about the basic techniques of cutting flowers and caring about them
  2. A guided tour of the garden, during which you will  collect flowers and foliage
  3. Demonstration of how to do a centerpiece arrangement
  4. All the materials and tools needed
  5. Lunch in the garden with local and organic products
  6. A wild seeds box from our garden
  • Duration: 3h30m
  • Period: from April to October
  • Time: from 10:00 to 14:00
  • Price: € 98.00 per person
  • Minimum Participants: 4
  • Reservation is required

Live the garden

Are you a flowers lover? 
Are you looking for taking new natural inspiration by some unknow floral varieties? 
At Puscina Flowers we were waiting for you!

Let’s be involved in a new experience, discovering our garden, immersing yourself in the seasonal blooming and collecting your favorite “ingredients”

The experience includes:

  • Guided tour of the garden
  • Small selection of seasonal flowers
  • Aperitif with local products to be consumed in the garden
  • A wild seeds box from our garden
  • Duration: 1h30m
  • Period: from April to October
  • Time: from 15:00 to 19:30
  • Price: € 35.00 per person
  • Minimum Participants: 2
  • Reservation is required


Spontanea:sustainable cultivation and floral design

At Puscina Flowers sharing is the way! It is a pleasure for us to practically introduce you to our successful techniques tested over the years in order to create a sustainable and efficient garden. We will learn together the basic techniques of spontaneous floral composition and how to transform garden elements into decorative arrangements, without the use of artificial supports.

This intensive one day course is designed for gardening enthusiasts, florists and designers who want to create their green space in a sustainable way, learn cutting techniques, cut flower conservation and collect the ‘ingredients’ to make a centerpiece without use of artificial supports

  • April, 18th 2020 –Spring session
  • October, 24th 2020 – Autumn session
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Savour Floral Gatherings

An international floral project conceived and organized by Siloh Flora in collaboration with 3 organic farms of the caliber of Horta de la Viola (Spain) Olga Flower Farm & Puscina Flowers(Italy).
Don’t miss the opportunity to collect some of the most beautiful flowers in the world, eat an extraordinary local cuisine, learn from an incredible floral designer like Liz and take advantage of a moment to pause and savor the beauty of this world.

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La Musa de las Flores – Workshop 2019

Gabriela, founder of La Musa de las Flores, cultivates varieties of flowers in Valle del Bravo that had never been grown in Mexico before, especially dahlias. Gabriela has learned from the best designers and has an incredible experience in floral events and weddings, now she teaches all over the world.

His approach to flowers is soft and romantic and his use of unique colors. It was described by the most important editorials in the sector.

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Tuscan Summer – Workshop 2018

Tanya is a young Australian floral designer and soul of OH! FLORA STUDIO. She always looking for local and seasonal flowers, grown in a sustainable way.
Tanya is a great teacher and her enthusiasm is contagious, during this 4-day workshop she explored and collected inspiration from landscapes and shared her way of designing flowers and the knowledge gained from her travels by visiting workshops, farms and designers all over the world.
It was an event about floral design, fun, friendships, personal and business growth.

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