Workshop: cultivation and projects in a flower farm

26th-27th june 2021

During the course, you will meet the cultivation world, from the soil composition, to the project, the sowing and the growth, until the picking and the preservation of the flowers.

The lessons will focus on the species cultivated to Puscina Flowers, we will particularly take into account, according to our experience, more productive varieties, the ones that can be cut off and, at the end, the kinds of flowers more required on the market. Most of the course will be dedicated to practical activities as the transplanting of annual herbaceous species, the division of dahlia tubers and, of course, picking in the garden.

Saturday 26th june
  • H.9:00: welcoming caffe / tea 
  • H.9:30: course introduction
  • H.10:00:  visit in the garden: introduction to the creation of a flower farm and to all the instruments for the project.
  • H.11:00: the soil and the sustainable cultivation, by agr. Roberto Morana 
  • H.13:00: lunch
  • H.14:30: introduction to the cultivation techniques for the different cultivating families. Characteristics, variety analysis, reproduction management
  • H.16:00: pratical transplanting, instruments and techniques for implantation 
  • H.17,30: conclusions about the first day
Sunday 27th june
  • H. 9:00: welcoming caffe / tea 
  • H.9:30: introduction to the dahlia cultivation, analysis of the varieties 
  • H.11:00: practical implantation of tubers. Late implantation, introduction to tutoring systems
  • H.12,30: lunch
  • H.14:00: analysis of the commercial management about the cut flowers selling and focus on marketing instruments. 
  • H.15:00: focus on the picking and conservation techniques for cut flowers.  
  • H.15:30: picking and condizionamento (questo immagino sia un termine molto tecnico che non ho ben capito e quindi non sono riuscita a tradurre) of flowers. Seed picking and nomenclature. 
  • H.17:00: conclusions
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