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we like to see Puscina as a place people can visit to learn, study and practice a new way of floral arranging

Three young sisters at the head of an outdoor, organic flower farm and floral design studio set in the heart of the Val d’Orcia, in the Tuscan countryside: This is Puscina Flowers. We are a family-run business with a strong belief that even the smallest contribution to a more sustainable way of growing and living can make a difference. This is why we only work organically. We are passionate about growing an ever-changing range of varietals. Each year we introduce new varieties and we invest a lot of time to experiment with new farming techniques and design the architecture of our garden to maintains a wild & natural shape combined with the functionality.

Our garden has been designed to replicate Mother Nature’s magic in small; with its 400 varieties and 200 different species offers the opportunity to closely observe marvellous blooms that reflect the soul and the colours of the season: from the fragrant varieties of garden roses to the generous forms of dahlias and other native seasonal flowers and foliage, passing through the many seasonal local varieties in the middle. In our Garden, you can find old-fashioned varietals appreciate for their character and delicate poise.  Working with flowers allows us to discover a world of unusual varietals. Flowers grown naturally are miles away from those that are commonly available on the market. They are beautifully imperfect, delicate; they have character and nothing in common with the rigidly impeccable flowers grown on a large scale.

Being here, in this beautiful land, we as floral designers have the chance to experiment with colours and botanical elements and cultivate a vision inspired by the landscape around us. One of our biggest goals for the next few years is sharing, share the beauty and share the knowledge. We have learned most of what we know from others and we are at our happiest when we can share our acquired knowledge with others.

This is why we added some hands-on workshops and flower arrangement courses to our event calendar. The plan is to show some of the behind-the-scenes of our work, teach hands-on techniques to grow healthy flowers and lavish plants with all-natural methods; how to recognise and forage for local wild foliage that can be used in compositions; tips and tricks to make cut flowers last longer; and how to create beautiful compositions in which the natural aspects and uniqueness of every flower is enhanced, all without using artificial supports.


You will have the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes on a Puscina Flower Farm, the first organic farm and floral design studio in Italy, specialized in cultivating healthy local and ancient varieties of flowers and lavish plants with all-natural methods. We experiment with botanical elements and cultivate a vision inspired by the landscape. This flower farm adventure comes from the belief that everyone need more flowers in their life, more nature and wild experience, more connections with beauty.

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enjoy an experience with local and wild flowers, discover a new generation of flower farmer!
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As a floral designer, we have the opportunity to experiment with colors and botanical elements and cultivate a vision inspired by the landscape that surrounds us. We like to image Puscina as a stage for floral designers and flowers lovers from all over the world that can get the opportunity to use unusually beautiful flowers immersed in a stunning landscape sharing their knowledge in a friendly and intensive way.

We belief that sharing is the best way to improve ourself and get a wide vision about what we can do. This Classes are designed for both enthusiastic beginners and experienced florists, this program of days will guide students through Puscina Flower’s technical and creative approach to create lush bouquets and arrangements that are inspired by the beauty of the garden.

28, July 2018

Organic Bouquet

Designed for enthusiastic beginners and experienced florists, this intensive course will show you the technical and creative approach of Puscina flowers in creating compositions that are inspired by the natural beauty of the garden.
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from 2 to 5 may 2018

Summer in Tuscany

Together we'll explore and gather inspiration from the landscapes, ancient villages and the family owned property of Puscina Flowers, in the province of Siena, Tuscany. Join Tanya for four days of floral design, creative restoration, fun, friendships, personal and business growth in this breathtaking and inspiring location.
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19, August 2018

Organic Flowers

Puscina Flowers celebrates the overwhelming intoxication of summer using the best selection of seasonal flowers and offering students the opportunity to experiment with an incredible variety of flowers and spontaneous leaves to create their exuberant arrangements.
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29, September 2018

Dalie Mon Amour

It is not difficult to understand why dahlias are one of the most cultivated and loved cut flowers. Their bright blooms come in a dazzling rainbow of colors, they bloom from mid-summer to the first autumn frost and produce both blooms and tubers so abundantly that they always end up being shared.
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